Myofascial Release & Trigger Point Therapy

by Dr. Michelle R. Goodsir

Have you ever damaged a muscle, ligament or a tendon and as a result have chronic pain?
Myofascial Trigger pointi are extremely painful and they can refer pain to another part of the body.

We as humanss ometimest ake our bodyf or granted. Didy ou evers topt o wonderh ow it integratese very systema ndm akesy ouf unctionth ew ayy oud o? Theb odyi s an amazingm achineb uti t is noti mpervioutso breakdown.T he bodyc oordinatese veryp rocessb ut if it is interferedw ith,b odyp artsc an breakdowna nd interferew itho therh ealthya reasa nd eventuallyi,f the aread oes not get enoughn utritionit can die.

Chiropractiwc orksw itht he principleth at" life"f lowso vert he nervesi n the body.T hesen ervesh avet hej ob of coordinatinagn dm aintaininagl lo f the organsa ndp arts( tissuem, usclec, ells,e tc.)o f the bodyi n a stateo f activea daotationw ithint heire nvironment. Your centraln ervouss ystem( braina nd spinalc ord)a nd endocrines ystem( hormonesth ata res ecreteda) ret hef i rsts ystemst o developa ndt hisi s visiblys eenw hen the fetus is six weeks old. The nervous system and the endocrine system keep your immune system fu nctioninga t its'optrmumT. he immunes ystemp rotectsy ouf romu nknowna, ndh armuf l bacteriaa ndv iruses that come in contact with your body and keeps it healthy.

The nervouss ystemi s the onlys ystemw ithiny ourb odyt hatc an neverr ejuvenateit selfo r heali tselwf heni t ts damagedf,r omt he momento iconceptionto the momento f deathy ourn ervouss ystemn everr eplacesit sel.f nil bodilyfu nctionsa red irecteda ndc ontrolletdh roughth e nervouss ystem.T he spinee ncasesth e spinal corda nda lln ervet runkss temf r omt here,e xitingth roughs mallo peningsb etweenth ev ertebraeA' sudden straino n the spinem ayc ausea musclet o becomed isturbeda ndt hereforeit sf unctionis altered.

Many illnessesc an be tracedt o some straino r injuryt o the spine- -a fall,a n accidenta, nd a sudden unexpectedm ovement- - some mishapt hat seemedi nsignificanatt the time.W hen a muscleb ecomes irritatedth e activationo f a myofasciatlr iggerp ointb egins. The muscled evelopsa circumscribesdp ot tenclernesisn a nodulet hat ii parto f a palpable( ablet o feel)t enseb ando f musclef ibers. The actual compositioonf a triggerp ointw ithint he musclea rew astep roductsfr omt he muscle( lactica cid,h yaluronic acid, etc.) that are unable to be washed out into the body's blood stream and out of the body. These waste productsa re,b y nature,v eryi rritativteo the musclesa nd causep ain.W hen touchedt heya re extremely painuf l and,b ecauseo f thatp ain,o ftenc auser eferredp aint o anothepr arto f theb ody.J usta s a triggeor f a gunc ausess omethingto happens omewhere lse( whereth e bulleth its),s timulatinag musclel,i gamenot r tendont riggerp ointc ausesp ains omewhere lse.

Therea re numerousfa ctorst hatc an perpetuatme yofasciatrl iggerp ointsS. omeo f thesea re:M echanical stressesw hich are structurailn adequaciesp,o sturals tressesa, nd constrictioonf muscle. Nutritional inadequacieasr eo fteno ccurringa longw iths ourceso f mechanicaslt ress. Nutritionadle fi cienciese,s pecially thosei nvolvinwg ater-solubvleit aminsa ree speciallcyo mmonw henp ersonsh avep oord ietaryh abitsd, rink excessivea lcohol,o r have chronicc o-morbidd iseases. Physchologicafal ctorst hat can delay recovery included epressionte, nsionc ausedb ya nxiety.C hronicin fectiondsu et o eitherv iralo r bacteriadli seasea, nd some parasiticin festationsc,a n preventr ecoveryfr om myofasciapl ains yndromes.O therf actors,s ucha s allergyi,m paireds leep,r adiculopathayn dc hronicv isceradl iseasep, rolongtr eatment.

Myofasciatlr iggerp ointsw illn ot go awayb y themselvecso mpletelyT.o eradicateth eset riggerp ointst he chiropractours esd igitapl ressureo n the pointsf or 5-7s econdsto breaku p the build-upo f wastep roducts. Thes peciifc pressurea llowsth e bloodv esselsto open-upa ndl ett het oxinst o escapei ntot heb loods tream so the PAIN - SPASM - WASTE BUILD UP cycle will be broken.

Do you haveM yofasciaTlr iggerP oints?M yofasciaTlr iggerP ointsa re extremelyc ommona nd becomea paintutp art of nearlye veryone'sli fe at one time or another.T hey are frequentlyo verlookeda nd a misunderstoosdo urceo f musclea chesa nd pains. Havey ou beenr emedyingth e resultso f yourp ainb y takingp illso r surgery?P erhapsy ou'vel earnedto livew ithi t. A simplee xaminatiobny a chiropractocra n determinwe hetheor r noty ouh avem yofascialtriggpeor ints.O nlyb yd etectintgh es peciifc m usclesa nda lso the speciifc stresso r streises initiatedb y the myofasciatlr iggerp ointsc an theyb e eradicateda nd allowt he body to begin to heal.

Witht he skillo f the hand,t he chiropractosrp ecializedin MyofasciaRl eleaseT herapyc anl ocatea nde liminate the sourceo f the myofasciapl ainp atternsw ithint he body.T hereforeth e causeo f the problemi s corrected rathert hana lleviatintgh e paint emporarily.

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