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Services Offered

Myofascial Trigger Point therapy
Cox Flexion/distraction therapy
Active release techniques
Lymphatic therapy
Scoliosis treatment
Joint mobilization and manipulation

Passive range of motion
Traction Therapy
Nutritional therapy
Orthotic casting
Soft tissue mobilization and manipulation

Mission Statement

Dr. Michelle R Goodsir is a Board certified chiropractor who established her own Chiropractic Practice in 1995. Her specialty incorporates not only traditional chiropractic adjustments to the spine, but also focuses on the soft tissue problems utilizing the recognized Nimmo-Receptor Tonus Technique. Dr Goodsir has been certified in this technique for fifteen years.

This technique corrects the dysfunctional muscles that have become injured or traumatized by identifying and treating the Myofascial Trigger Points and allowing them to normalize function by reducing and/or eliminating referred pain. By combining these techniques together and treating the muscles and the bones, the bio-mechanics of the body are corrected and proper posture can be regained. Because of her specialized work, local doctors have referred to her for years because of her continual positive results and treatment outcomes.

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